About Mama That Could

The Mama That Could is dedicated to the Mom that feels or has felt, at one time or another, like every other area of life has been put on hold for motherhood.  Parenthood is a glorious time filled with incredibly joyful moments, but it is also a time that can been be filled with overwhelm, exhaustion and a feeling like your needs and former dreams must be put away or shelved for awhile.  You don’t need to be a Mom or married to connect with the stories on this site, but you will find many stories around health, goals, marriage, career and parenting center around women who happen to be mothers.

I started this site, because as a former single mother and now a married Mama with a wonderful husband, two incredible sons and 2 cool little chihuahuas, I know both the struggles and victories of single parenting, self-image, work-life balance, marriage, weight management, prioritizing and deferred dreams and goals.  I found myself making a lot of excuses lately about why I can’t do things, and it suddenly occurred to me, “Why not?”.  I had moments as a single parent where I felt like I was limited, but somehow I found a way to get in action.  When I got married, everything centered around the needs of my household and each family member and, in my mind, I tricked myself into thinking there’s not much I can do anymore, until my baby gets older. So now I’m calling it out for what it is…an excuse.

I know that every day, there are parents in various places around the world, who aren’t making excuses, they’re making things happen.  There are Mamas finding solutions to build their own businesses, homeschool their kids, go back to school, go back to work…all while raising their children.

This site is about the many facets of  my life as mother and my hope is that it ignites conversation and connection about what Mamas everywhere CAN DO, without compromising or neglecting their families.  It will focus on both the struggles and the victories Mamas face, but most importantly it’s dedicated to….the journey.  If you want something bad enough, you make the time for it.  So if you’re the Mama or the Papa that has felt like you can’t anymore, my hope is that one of the stories on this site, will motivate or inspire you to be the Mama or Papa that Could.

Cheers to the journey and blessings along the way…

Ia Jimenez


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