Google Mama That Could | Social Media In Job Search

How Google Helped Me Become a Stronger Career Coach When I Learned How to Use Social Media in Job Search

Several years ago, while working for a wonderful outplacement agency, I found myself introduced to the concept of using social media in job search.  As I began to work with executives and management professionals, social media in job search became a very relevant part of their overall marketing strategy.

To learn more about who the thought leaders and social media influencers were in job search, I googled it. I found the site Mashable and it became one of my favorite resources, and continues to be to this day.  They are one of my top recommended resource sites for social media for personal branding and job search.  They post awesome articles to help folks get started with social media and understand how to use it strategically while in job search.  I’m amazed, 6 years later, at how many career professionals still don’t understand the true power of it.

I was also introduced to career and personal branding expert, Dan Schawbel, who wrote the book Me 2.0 and more recently, the bestseller Promote Yourself.  He does an awesome job of explaining the importance of personal branding and imparting practical tips to get the results you want.

We live in a research economy, and more and more people are researching companies, people and professionals before doing business with them.  As much as you may hear social media hurting someone in job search (for lack of understanding of privacy settings and ways to protect yourself during job search), social media is also the perfect (and best) tool to help build trust and express your work or company’s brand personality.

Did you know that Twitter is not just about gratuitous or mindless chatter or celebrity postings, but perhaps one of the most important platforms to mine industry and company trends, valuable content to support your brand, competitive marketing information and obtain some organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) juice for your personal brand? Real time news breaks on twitter faster than traditional media outlets.

Did you know that there is a job search engine built for twitter because HR professionals and recruiters actually list job postings on twitter?

Twitter and social media are more relevant than you think for career professionals.  Again, you just need to know how to use it.

How did I learn this? I googled it by placing this in the search field – Twitter for job search.

Twitter for Job Search on Google


Don’t even get me started on the power of Linkedin!  Did you know there are 2 new LinkedIn users joining the platform every 2 seconds?  There are over 277 million users as of 2/16/14; 84 million of them are in the US.  There are 200 conversations per minute occurring in LinkedIn groups and 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates.

How did I know? I googled it!

What have you learned by googling it?  Please share in the comments section below.



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