Stacy Francis is A Mama That Could – X Factor 2011 – Natural Woman

Stacy Francis is a perfect example of The Mama That Could.  She’s a 42-year old single mother of 2 ( 5 month and 3 year old), who was told by a former boyfriend in her late 20’s that she was too old and not talented enough for a singing career.  Over time she started believing him and slowly lost faith in herself.  She says, “It’s been very difficult trying to sing when you have 2 kids.” She would wait until late at night to sing in the bathroom.  When asked what has held her back she says she just sorta…got stuck.

When you’re told No or you can’t do things enough times, that’s what happens…you get stuck.  Stacy came on to X Factor to take that step of faith that says, I can do this.  She chose to get unstuck and do something to move her and her children’s lives forward.  She says something very poignant to Simon Cowell, “I don’t want to die with this music in me, Simon.”

I know those words resonated with me.  Maybe it’s not music for me, but there’s a lot of other cool stuff lying on the inside of me.  Acting, dancing, ministry…most of it is still just sitting in me…well, I like to think it’s marinating…until the appointed time.

Kudos to Stacy Francis for singing “Natural Woman” with every inch of her aching heart and representing for every woman who has ever been told they can’t do it or they weren’t good enough.

Watch as Stacy Francis sings her heart out and receives a well deserved, full blown, standing ovation.

What’s sitting inside of you that has been waiting to come out?  Be sure to share it in the comments section below.  


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